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Why do you need a predust to have the best coverage?

Nobody wants their breaded food to have excessive oil, be soft or have irregular coverage. That’s why the experts in batter know well that the secret of the crunchy texture of a breaded or battered product is using a good predust. By using these flours, the final coatings are always perfectly adhered.

breaded predustThe different flours that form the predust coverage allow the surface of the food to be perfectly prepared for the adhesion of the coating and this is a prior step that allows us to have a final crunchy product and perfect coverage. The predust cover is responsible for absorbing moisture from the substrate, ensuring the adhesion of the coating and is used dry, unlike batter, which works in suspension with water.

At Dacsa Group we also adapt predust coverage to the needs of our customers, which allows us to make predust flours with different cereals. The predust flours are made using a mixture of flours, subjected to a heat treatment. This kind of flour becomes the basis for a coating system, which helps to improve the adhesion of batter coatings, ensuring an optimal union between food and coating.

The fine particles of these flour mixtures are combined with a formulation that makes them unique and  this is the outcome of the development work of the R & D department of Dacsa Group.