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With social environment
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Ethical and responsible management

Dacsa Group is committed to guarantee ethical principles and respect for people, society and the environment, within our influence scope, extending our responsibility to all stakeholders.

Dacsa Group is committed to the responsibility of establishing and respecting the action lines aimed to complying with basic principles, based on different international treaties such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


With our


Training to grow our teams

Through access to quality continuous training, our teams are kept up to date and motivated. The results of this investment are the continuous improvement and innovation of our products and a high quality service in a challenging and learning environment.

PULSE is the strategic talent management project that Dacsa Group launches and that is leaded by the People’s Department.

Its main axis is talent management for the people. We want to increase as a company our capacity for attraction, identification, development and loyalty, because we have a great internal potential and we must take advantage as employer brand Valencian and multinational.


Sustainable growth

Our responsibility leads us to work every day to reduce the environmental impact of our activity. We seek to respect and care for the environment through the improvement of our agricultural practices, comprehensive planning and the efficient use of resources in all our production centers. Through the definition of key policies and indicators we can identify, prioritize and manage environmental indicators in our daily management.

Environmental Policy
Dacsa Group allergens Policy
Dacsa Group Quality Policy
Dacsa Group Food
Defence Policy
Dacsa Group Non GMO Policy
Glass, Wood and Plastics
Dacsa Group Policy

We work with different projects such as the Argentina Project, the Origins Project in the Delta del Ebro and the Albufera in Valencia, the Klauss Project and the Crop Project in Spain.

We have a Good Agricultural Practices Code that is oriented to the environmental, economic and social sustainability for the productive processes of the agricultural exploitation that guarantee the quality and innocuousness of food and non-food products.

Good practices code
Manejo eficiente del nitrógeno en maices
Manejo del maíz
MAIZ FLINT: Producción sustentable y calidad de grano
Optimizando el manejo del cultivo de maíz


HUMANE program

Following the strategic line of “involvement with society” the HUMANE program was released, this program is a commitment to society and the environment that aims to respond to social demands, managing the impact we generate as a business group on our environment.

The objective of the HUMANE program is to provide benefits to the whole society in general, as well as to the people of Dacsa Group, focusing on the development of the different environments in which our company operates, to integrate it into a system opened to the environment, to help us improve the relationship with all our stakeholders.

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