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Why use broken rice for the Pet Food sector?

Because broken rice is a food with a high nutritional value that can unfold all its properties in the Pet Food sector.

In the case of pet food, broken rice is the third most demanded food by the specialised food industry on a global level, above all because of its high digestibility, which makes it a very suitable food for the weaning stage due to its high nutritional value.

Broken rice finds in Pet Food a tailor-made sector, the most appropriate one, and this has a very simple explanation, because it is a sector in which, over and above the image of broken rice, its nutritional properties, identical to those of whole grain rice, are valued.

The Pet Food sector has become the biggest demander of broken rice, taking great advantage of a raw material with formidable qualities which, outside this circuit, when its appearance is modified by milling, is diverted to other sectors of the food industry such as food preparations for babies, the elderly, etc.

In the case of pet food, the model is very different; the nutritional value of the product is prioritised over its different appearance, with broken rice being one of the ingredients most highly valued by manufacturers, as evidenced by the regular use of this by-product of the rice production process in the Pet Food sector. In fact, around 14% of the rice obtained after the milling process is broken rice, which is mainly destined for pet food.

And it makes perfect sense because broken rice is a by-product of the rice production process, fragments of the whole round rice grain obtained in the rice milling process; in other words, small pieces of rice grains, but rice after all, so it has the same chemical composition as white or polished rice, as no other ingredients are added during the milling process.

High quality broken rice, offered by companies such as Dacsa Group to the Pet Food sector, is a grain with high energy value and rich in carbohydrates which, during the milling process, loses its husk and germ during an abrasion process.

The result is a premium quality broken rice, both for its recognised and outstanding nutritional benefits and for its versatility. A raw material that becomes one of the basic ingredients for a healthy diet for our pets, regardless of whether it is consumed directly or added to the preparation of special feeds.

Broken rice for the Pet Food sector has a composition in which certain minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium play an important role, a composition that is enriched with the presence of animal or vegetable proteins.

Broken rice-based feeds, all of them very complete, specially prepared and formulated for young animals, which provide the Pet Food sector with a source of
energy source for the Pet Food sector, thanks to the presence of a high starch content and the starch content and the absence of nutritionally disposable factors.