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in the food sector

You may only know a part of who we are, but undoubtedly, you have been our customer for much longer than you might think. If you use the best rice in your recipes, have breakfast cereals, drink beer or buy gluten-free products, surely we have had a lot to do with this. Go ahead and discover what it would be like to work with us.

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Dacsa Talent


Is it you?

People who want to add value and are excited to leave their mark. People who know how to lead by example, delegate with confidence and without fear of making mistakes or of opening a dialogue. People capable of generating vision in others, to address difficulties as opportunities.

Real people who, like you, persist every day to achieve their goals.

Career Oportunities
Dacsa Talent

What makes us special?

We all participate in the transformation and we are important in the change process, nobody is left out. Humility and respect are key to achieving this.

We have a clear international vocation and both innovation and continuous improvement drive our growth.

Here we contribute value, promote talent and value everyone´s contribution.

The experience of working at Dacsa Group (Valencia and Sevilla) The experience of working at Molendum






Dacsa Group

Dacsa & Talent

We boost talent and are in continuous evolution.

We promote our values

Fulfilling what we say. We follow a clear direction, with strategic improvement lines  that are well defined, communicated and shared.

Our own leadership model

We speak to each other in a direct, simple, and natural way. Our own Leadership Model encourages us to work as a team.

Dynamic company

We are constantly growing, with challenging and attractive projects, where you can make your professional project a reality.

Development programme

Our development programmes and quality training are fundamental pillars to growth and promotion.



Our colleague Ignacio Valls explains to us in this video the GTM “Growth to Management Program”, in which he has participated over the last two years. This program aims to develop the talent of people with high potential in Dacsa Group, where it allows you, for a period of two years, to get to know the areas of the company aligned with your interests and skills.

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Here people matter

We all participate in the transformation and we are important in the change process, nobody is left out. Humility and respect are key.

How we work

Learn about our value proposal

Discover how Dacsa Group really cares about people and their development.

We never forget that every opinion is important, makes us reflect and helps us to keep working on our improvement areas.

Listen to real testimonies about the experience of working at Dacsa Group: why they like to work here, and what they are proud of.

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Training Summary 2022

Dacsa Group is a company where training generates motivation in people, increasing their commitment. We know that a very important part of the company’s growth and success is based on our people. More than 15,252 hours in training activities have been Dacsa Group‘s response to the needs and interests, collected directly from each person in 2022. This year, training has increased by 18% compared to 2021, with a ratio of 34 hours of training per person and a 12% increase in online training compared to the previous year.


Our Leadership Model

We have defined our own leadership model as an inspiration for people working here at Dacsa Group and we are committed to developing it throughout the company.

Committed to Dacsa

Self-demanding and relational

Emotionally intelligent

Efficiency promoter

Self-motivated and enthusiastic

Accessible, hardworking and inspiring

Make your team grow

Transform talent into results

Promote Dacsa Values

Mentor, Integrator and Decision Maker

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