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Food solutions from special flours

Special flours allow the development of diverse food solutions focused on the quality and destined to a varied and demanding market.

It is about flours with which it is possible to offer to the food industry the adequate raw material to elaborate concrete, secure and healthy food solutions that include from plant-based protein to gluten-free food, through low-fat products which also improve the quality, for instance, of the bread doughs.

Food solutions from special flours such as the ones that Molendum Ingredients offers, subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, that has a wide catalog of native flours destined for the food industry with capacity of the manufacturing and elaboration of varied flours of legumes and cereals, in general, and of gluten-free flours, in particular.

Native specific flours for food solutions of high quality, 100% natural, clean, label and free of allergens which split into two groups:

On the one hand, integral flours of legumes and cereals that, thanks to its quality of inactivating the lipase in the process of manufacturing, lengthen both its useful life and that of the products in which they participate, avoiding the rancidity, reducing and stabilizing the microbial load and eliminating the antinutritional factors.

In this group of flours, the legumes flours, peas, chickpeas are the most important with the integral flours of amaranth or buckwheat. These flours are ideal for the development of food solutions that go from the planification and bakery; sauces and creams or toppings and breading, to animal food, dietetic and sport nutrition and snacks, going through cereals for breakfast or multiple types of food pasta.

Food solutions from special flours 2

On the other hand, we find a second group formed by native flours of cereals such as the rice and white corn flour, both obtained through a process of mechanic multuration of selected raw materials of high quality. Some flours that work as an ideal ingredient to increase the presence both fiber and protein in final products.

In this case, food solutions to develop from this type of special flours would include common sectors such as the described flours in the first group, like the planification and bakery; sauces and creams; toppings and breading; animal food; dietetics and sport nutrition; snacks; cereals for breakfast or pasta and, moreover: spreadable vegetables or diverse meet products.
In the case of rice flour, it is also included in vegetable drinks.

Food solutions from special flours 3

The food industry counts too with businesses that as Molendum Ingredients offer precooked, pregelatinized or heat-treated flours that, with the same guaranty as the previous ones talking about the origin of raw materials, treatment and traceability, add from a higher contribution in fiber to a higher functionality, depending on its final application.

It is about food solutions from special flours that register an increasing demand on the market of the food industry that, for its part, has as an objective to satisfy the, as progressive as demanding, increase of the demand by the consumers.