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Why should I consume corn? What are its qualities?

Corn is one of the most well known and consumed cereals worldwide, which belongs to the family of grasses and therefore is a cereal that is gluten free. In addition, corn is rich in carbohydrates and starch with a very low level of sugar.

Its high level of starch makes it a very satisfying food with a low calorific impact, which is why it is suitable for weight loss diets. In the same way, it is also a suitable food for athletes, because of its high energy intake and its easy and rapid digestion.

maiz flint dacsaVitamins A, B and E, which are contained in corn, help the proper development of the nervous system, amongst other benefits worth highlighting such as the appearance and vigor of the skin.

Among the minerals, copper, zinc and magnesium stand out, providing other reasons as to why it is perfect to include in a diet intended for athletes.

Another of the most remarkable qualities of corn is its high protein and fiber content. One cup of corn gives us 9% of the daily protein recommended by the WHO, although it should be noted that to be absorbed by the body in an optimal way it must be combined with other foods such as rice or pulses.

Corn is one of the best foods for the brain and including it in our diet will help us with memory and concentration.

There are many options to consume corn and it is not necessary to consume it in its most classic form as corn for salads or popcorn. We can include it in the form of flour to enrich our sauces, in pancakes, in the form of snacks, in breakfast cereals and even in the preparation of gluten-free breads and pasta. At Dacsa Group we are specialists in all of them and we offer our clients our knowledge and expertise to help them create the product they need.