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The revolution of snacks with legume flour

This year, our team will be present at the Snackex trade fair that will be held on 27th and 28th of June in Barcelona. There, we will be showing our wide range of legume flours. In 2018, the snacks sector billed more than 2,400 million euros and is a trend that, far from losing impact, keeps growing at 4% per year.

The use of legume flours is becoming a global trend in all sectors. The snacks sector is one of the fastest growing and one that is able to adapt to the demands of consumers, adapting their products to what is required at any given time. The appearance of snacks made with legume flours responds to the needs of the adult consumer who does not want to compromise their health when it comes to eating snacks. The contribution of plant based proteins from legume flours provides a healthier option for a consumer increasingly worried about their food intake.

Among the most used legumes for these kind of products are lentils, beans, peas and even chickpeas, all of which are available to our customers. This great variety of special flours not only allows us to produce some healthier snacks, due to their great protein contribution, but in addition, all these flours are gluten free, and therefore suitable for coeliacs.

The demand by consumers of adult snacks is clear: to be able to snack between meals, without neglecting health and for that reason, we have not hesitated to contribute to the development of these healthier products. The innovation possibilities in this sector are endless and for that reason, we continue to research and contribute more and more ingredients (such as ancestral cereals) to all our customers who, in turn, can see how their end consumers welcome all these developments.