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The Implica’t awards recognise Dacsa Group for its commitment to the integration of people with functional diversity.

Valencia City Council celebrated their inaugural Implica’t Awards on People with Functional Diversity Day , in which they awarded five companies and organisations for recruiting people with functional diversity.

One of the winners was our company, Dacsa Group, and our corporate values were highlighted in addition to our commitment to normalising people with functional diversity.

Dacsa Group, since its inception in 1968, has always been involved and committed to the development of a better society through sponsorship and social action, collaborating with several organizations such as Asindown, Avapace, Payasospital, Aldeas Infantiles and Casa Caridad among many others.

Miguel Rosique Carlos López Dacsa GroupThis year, through our CSR department, we have launched the Humane corporate project with 12 strategic objectives for Sustainable Development. These include, gender equality, social inclusion and the reduction of inequalities.

For these reasons, through the Asindown Foundation, Miguel Rosique joined our company and, for us at Dacsa Group, it has been and remains a truly positive experience. Miguel has learned a lot during this year and above all he has been able to value his ability, his autonomy and his professional worth. In addition, he has already become a fundamental part of our team.

His incorporation into the company has managed to improve the sensitivity of the workforce and also foster the spirit of collaboration among all of us. This year has been a good year for Miguel, but an even a better one for all the people who are part of Dacsa Group.