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The experience of working at Dacsa: updating policies and measures for a positive work life.

Dacsa Group has compiled a document that serves as a compendium of solutions, benefits, and policies, making it easier for all individuals working within the group to understand the advantages that impact their day-to-day experiences with the company.
In addition to the social and legal improvements achieved in terms of work-life balance, we want to inform all individuals about everything that contributes to making the experience of working at Dacsa positive, whether it be at the office or at home.
These measures are designed to foster a work environment where professional growth and personal satisfaction go hand in hand.
Since, in our society, personal, family and professional roles are constantly changing, we want to accompany personal aspirations for those who want to dedicate their efforts to the Dacsa project.
People work to create a better life for themselves, and the time spent at work should be enriching. Therefore, we feel a significant responsibility towards our employees at Dacsa and strive to take care of them, enabling them to in turn take care of our clients and suppliers.


Catálogo políticas – 2024 Dacsa Valencia – Sevilla

Catálogo políticas – 2024 Dacsa Molendum