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Sinblat company new instalations

Dacsa Group  has invested 25% of the capital in the company Sinblat Alimentación Saludable, a company that specialises in fresh bread and gluten-free flours. Sinblat has its headquarters and production plant in Catarroja (Valencia) and is currently immersed in a large scale development, at a logistics level, where it will start up a new production plant in Foios (Valencia)

These installations will be opened in 2018 and the project has an investment of 3M€. The start of the activity is expected for in the month of August and this new plant will multiply the current productive potential by eight. It will incorporate five new production lines that will be dedicated to the elaboration of different ranges of flours, bread, muffins and other bakery products.sinblat logo

Sinblat Alimentación began its journey in 2011 and has been adapting its industrial structure to the demand for their products and the development of new ranges. The accumulated investment to date exceeds 2M €. Currently it has more than 50 references (consider ´product types here) which are designed to cover different intolerances (mainly gluten and lactose). In addition, its most recent releases are aimed at offering ‘clean label’ products (those without preservatives or additives).

Their references have already been introduced in many large commercial warehouses as their commercial positioning is based on the organized distribution channel.

The estimated net sales in the 2018 fiscal year are about 3.5M € against the 2.1M € sales that they had in 2017. The niche market has shown great growth rates in recent years and there are very optimistic growth prospects. By being part of Sinblat, this collaboration, brings the experience and financial capacity of The Dacsa Group, while for The Dacsa Group it is an interesting diversification that will help us to keep growing.