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September 29: International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day.

Today, the day against food waste is celebrated and, at Dacsa, we believe it is very important to raise awareness of the importance of this problem against which we must work. We must do it out of conviction and fairness as the celebration of this day is directly related to 3 of our SDG Priorities, “Zero Hunger”, “Responsible Consumption and Production” and “Climate Action” and it is our duty to act accordingly. Our business could not be understood without the improvements in industrial efficiency on which we work continuously. We also take advantage of absolutely everything that results from our production processes; in short, we do not waste anything. Proof of this is the use of the rice husk residue that we use to produce energy at our Cogeneration plant in Valencia or the absolute recovery of by-products.

Our improvements are part of society´s growing concern about sustainable development, on which we must continue to collaborate.  The solution can only be global and with the involvement of everyone as, only in Europe, 127 kgs of food waste per inhabitant are generated, according to Eurostat.



Here are sometips to avoid wasting food, can you share yours with us?

  1. Plan your shopping.

Do you buy only what you are going to consume in the short term? Save in every way 😉

  1. Store wisely.

Make older products more accessible in your cupboard or fridge so that you can use them up sooner. Keep product packaging tightly closed to ensure quality and safety.

  1. Is it out of date?

Check the labeling, understand the difference between “best before” and “use by” dates.

  1. We like leftovers.

They can be a great ally as a side dish or ingredient in another meal.

  1. The freezer extends shelf life

Don’t you feel like repeating your leftovers? freeze them and treat yourself on another day!