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Renowned Chef Rakel Cernicharo and Dacsa Group have joined forces to launch the first gourmet range of plant-based dishes.

The prestigious Chef joins the Innovation Department of Dacsa Food Solutions to develop the new range of ready-to-eat dishes.

The Dacsa Food Solutions division has reached a collaboration agreement with Chef Rakel Cernicharo to launch a wide range of ready-to-eat dishes under the Hi Vegs Gourmet brand.

This novel and select range of vegan dishes is made with texturized pea protein from its Zamora subsidiary, Molendum, a pioneer in the production of high moisture meat analog.
The Agreement was signed by the Executive Director of Dacsa Group, Araceli Císcar García and the Chef with the most character and personality in Spain, in her original signature cuisine restaurant, KARAK in Valencia.

With this agreement, Dacsa Food Solutions reaffirms its commitment to offer a wide range of products to the plant-based market and to build a brand that leaves its mark on the important change in consumer habits, which are setting trends in the food sector.

Hi Vegs! Gourmet by Rakel Cernicharo is the first line of plant-based ready meals on the market that combines all these characteristics:
– Vegan
– Protein
– Suitable for celiacs
– Suitable for Keto and Paleo diets
– Clean Label
– Allergen free