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In 2018 Dacsa Group launched its own Leadership Model.

The model was developed by a team of 31 managers, from all Dacsa Group plants, with the aim of promoting the understanding of leadership within the company. It is a simple and aspirational model.

Three years later it was time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what has changed since then? How has it helped us? What do we like or miss the most? And how to look ahead to continue your development.

During the last months we have organized several workshops where people from all plants of the group have participated, many of whom already participated in its origin and many of the people who have joined the company in recent years. The sessions have been accompanied by members of the management committee and the board of directors.

Our Director, Araceli Císcar, told us in one of the sessions that “Dacsa is a company of shared efforts. The Leadership Model does not understand hierarchies and is applicable to any job position”.


In the sessions, it was possible to share the key ideas of the model and its application:

  1. It is an oriented model that contributes to maintaining a healthy and productive work environment.
  2.  Leadership at Dacsa is the ability to do better to those around you.
  3.  It is necessary to learn to establish productive distances with those around us.
  4. Making Mistakes is part of the learning process, so it is essential to generate a space of trust.
  5. Listening and participation are essential to keep relationships of trust.
  6. Conduct is more powerful than any words, it is led by example.


During the sessions, many ideas, comments, and reflections were shared, but we emphasized that it is a live model, where people of Dacsa identify.

At Dacsa we think that the Leadership Model is a lever for change.

If you want to discover the Dacsa Leadership Model, you will find the keys to become your best version as a leader.

That Leader  is possibly you.