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Proteins of vegetable origin for the manufacture of food solutions

Protain is the protagonist of human nutrition from the beginning of time. Vegetable protein is the absolute protagonist of the nutrition of the XXI century.

She and the food solutions that are being developed and researched for a healthier, more sustainable and varied diet.

Vegetable proteins for the food solutions production, present in peas, beans, soybeans, broad beans, chickpeas, etc. are in the spotlight of a food industry whose objective is to offer foods free of animal protein to all those who for health reasons, conviction or balance and sustainability seek to add vegetable proteins to their diet.

And it is no coincidence, the growth in demand of products made from vegetable protein is unstoppable – according to Statista, it is expected an increase of more than 14 percent by 2035 – And it is not a growth based on a single route that englobes a homogeneous public, far from it. Not all consumers demand the same things for the same reasons.

The demand for plant-based protein describes a growth that is diversifying to please different consumers who are looking for products similar to meat made from plant-based protein; of foods free of animal protein; in many cases, gluten-free and in almost all of them developed with non-genetically modified ingredients.

Not all companies producing plant-based protein to produce food solutions are able to take on so many conditions and some offer plant-based products that do not meet customer expectations.
It is necessary to assume that consumers are very informed and very clear about what they want.

With all of them in mind, the industry seeks through its suppliers and its R&D&I departments the diversity and innovation of raw materials that will enable it to satisfy that growing demand, which is directly related to the trend towards healthier eating.

A trend that is already well established and has led many consumers to adopt vegetarian, vegan or mixed diets in which plant-based protein is vital for the development of food solutions.

Molendum Ingredients, a subsidiary of the Dacsa Group, is part of this innovative fabric that offers to the plant-based protein industry for the development of food solutions of excellent quality such as its Pésol Pea, the best ally to replace meat and fish in food preparations due to its high quality and nutritional values.

Pésol Pea is the vegetable alternative both wet and dry that responds to the growing market demand for quality food, with high nutritional value and free of animal proteins.

Currently, a vegan, vegetarian or mixed diet is already part of many peoples’ lives on the planet and, although they demand quality as an essential value they are not satisfied with products that imitate animal protein, now they want products with their own personality, plant-based proteins for the development of food solutions that do not cancel the gastronomic enjoyment, food solutions that allow them to enjoy the organoleptic quality of a good meal.

The industry must take up the challenge and choose partners who can answer those demands.