B2B Plant-Based Solutions

Whether it is your first incursion into the Plant-Based market or you already have an established product range in the market, we can help you at any stage of the development process. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to our partners .

For the industry

Plant-based solutions are essential for industry for several reasons.


Firstly, Plant-Based solutions offer a sustainable way to produce food and products, reducing the environmental footprint and promoting more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Consumer demand

Secondly, these solutions respond to the growing consumer demand for healthier products. Industry can capitalise on this trend by providing options that promote health and wellness.

New markets

In addition, the inclusion of plant-based solutions in the product portfolio can open new markets and increase diversification.


Food Solutions division with teams specifically dedicated to offering solutions adapted to the plant-based sector.


Control of the entire supply chain, which allows us to move from being an ingredient supplier to being able to advise throughout the entire new product development process.


Own manufacturing thorughout the entire supply chain.


Integral suppliers or break down our services: R&D, Quality, Technology, Marketing and Commercial.


We add value depending on the projects, start up and continue later, do not sacrifice production capacity, and outsource developments, we have agreements with suppliers that help us to speed up development.


We have enough knowledge and experience which allows us to enter the market with greater agility. Also, our excellent team is highly specialised in the solutions we propose.


Wide versatility to offer solutions adapted to our clients.


We have different innovation centres (companies in which the group participates) enrich the range of solutions that we can provide to the market and allows us to innovate in a more agile way.


We have a high production capacity that adapts to any possible volume.


We are a modern company, in contact with the market, with a young, agile, dynamic, and multidisciplinary team/spirit.

For private label projects

Having Plant-Based solutions in private label projects is crucial due to the growing consumer demand for sustainable and healthy options. These solutions are not only environmentally and health-friendly, but also expand market scope and demonstrate an ethical commitment, which can drive customer loyalty.

Integral Solutions

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Asian
  • Tex Mex
  • White Fish
  • Shrimp
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • And many more…
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For Foodservice projects

The new challenges of the food industry also apply to the foodservice industry and large franchise groups. It is therefore vital to have partners with the necessary experience to meet these challenges.

With the rise of Plant-Based diets, the restaurant industry must be able to offer these people 100% plant-based alternatives while at the same time offering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly offer.

For this reason, at DACSA Group we have available ingredients capable of making your imagination fly with a new generation of surprising recipes for your menu, as well as finished products to be able to include new alternative options in the menus in an agile way.