Food Solutions
is the division of Dacsa Group in charge of offering solutions adapted to the Plant-Based sector.

About us

At Dacsa Group we focus our activity on the development of food ingredients and products designed to meet the end consumer’s demand for access to healthier and more sustainable food.

We are continuously researching to develop innovative and high quality food ingredients based on legumes or cereals in both dry and wet texturised flours and proteins. A factor that differentiates us from other producers who tend to use exclusively dry protein.

At Dacsa Group we aim to become the ideal partner for companies in the sector.

Production plants
We have 10 production plants in 7 locations across Europe: Spain, Portugal, Poland and the United Kingdom.
Experience years
With over 55 years of experience and more than 500 employees, we are European leaders in the food sector.

Quality and certificates

Since the beginning of our company, we have maintained a strong commitment to our customers, suppliers, and the society to which we belong to produce high quality, safe and nutritious food ingredients and products.

This commitment is formally set out in our Quality and Food Safety Policy and is complemented by the other policies and certifications that are followed throughout the group of companies that make up the DACSA Group.

We meet the expectations of our customers and consumers.


Our responsibility leads us to work every day to reduce the environmental impact of our activity. We seek to respect and care for the environment by improving our agricultural practices, integrated planning, and the efficient use of resources in all our production centres.

Through the definition of key policies and indicators we can identify, prioritise and manage environmental indicators in our daily management.

Dacsa Group
committed to the environment and
sustainable growth