Leading manufacturers of Plant-Based ingredients and final products for the food industry

The best ingredients and final products

Our products and ingredients are 100% plant-based

We use both textured vegetal protein and high moisture extrusion, which sets us apart from other producers of Plant-Based ingredients and final products.

For all food sectors looking for ingredients to produce new products and for those looking for a final product directly to market.


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Which challenges are in the food industry?

We have plant-based ingredients and final products based mainly on peas and chickpeas that can adapt to the new challenges of the food sector.


Trend towards a healthier diet

Vegetable protein from pulses, peas and others is seen as a healthier option compared to animal protein.


Increase in sustainable diets.

The rise of sustainable diets has led to an increased demand for plant-based protein alternatives.


Food innovation

Developments in technology have allowed us to create plant protein products that increasingly resemble animal protein in taste and texture.      


Food for the future

In an increasingly crowded world, but with the same resources, it is necessary to look for healthy food alternatives.



The production of vegetable protein involves less use of natural resources, which has a lower environmental impact.

Why work with Dacsa Group?

Dacsa Group is a European leader in the development and manufacture of ingredients for the food industry.
We have more than 55 years of experience in the sector, which allows us to be in line with the latest food trends.

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We want to be your partner of choice.

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We control the entire supply chain so we can be more than just your ingredient supplier. We can advise you throughout the whole process of developing new products.

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Integral suppliers

We can be your integral supplier or break down our services according to your needs: R&D, Quality, Technology, Marketing or Sales. The value we provide will depend on your projects. You can start with our help and then continue on your own.

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All our solutions are adapted to our clients

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Team specialized in Plant-Based solutions

If you are not yet in the market, our knowledge and experience will allow you to enter with greater agility as we have a highly specialised team in Plant-Based solutions.

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We have different innovation centres to enrich the solutions we bring to the market and innovate in a more agile way.

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High production capacity to adapt to any volume.

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Multidisciplinary, young, and dynamic team.