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Our experience at the Brau Beviale 2018 trade fair

Last week the Brau Beviale trade fair was held in Nuremberg, Germany. This trade fair has been held in Germany for more than ten years and is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe for the production and manufacture of beers bringing together international professionals from the beer and soft drinks sectors.

This wasn´t the first time that Dacsa Group has visited this fair, although it was the first time we were there as exhibitors. The beer sector is one of our main specialties and for that reason, we did not hesitate to exhibit there. This is a very specialized fair, focused on the beer sector, where buyers, technicians and beer masters meet to exchange knowledge and expand their horizons.

IMG_20181115_120114_resized_20181115_022518880v2Within our varied range of products, we have detected a clear interest in the production of gluten-free products, suitable for coeliacs, from the brewing sector. With all our experience,  we can contribute with our entire range of rice and corn derivatives to provide gluten-free additives to make beers suitable for coeliacs.

These were not the only strengths of this trade fair. Our pre-gelatinized corn flour also generated a lot of interest, which allows microbrewing companies to work in a more agile and economical way. This pre-gelatinized flour allows for a much faster treatment in the beer production process since the semolina does not have to be pre-treated in separate tanks. At the same time, this produces lighter beers.

Other products that we offer from Dacsa Group, and that have generated a lot of interest at this trade fair, have been those used for beer filtering; both in the rice husk variant and the rice ash.

During the fair, our FILTCLAR product, based on the ash from the combustion of the rice husk, has been presented as innovative by Dacsa Group. This product partially replaces the use of the fine powders (Kieselguhr) that are used during the process of filtering. It is a less harmful product to manage than the Kieselguhr, and also, because it comes from a renewable source, is much better from an environmental point of view.

The Brau Beviale fair has undoubtedly been a great enriching event for our commercial team, in which we exchanged opinions and knowledge with more than 1000 exhibitors. Market trends indicate that, without any doubt, beer experiencing its best moments and we want to contribute to it.