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On 20th September we celebrate World Paella Day

Choosing this date to celebrate the first World Paella Day has not been left to chance. September is a key month for rice (the main ingredient of paella), which is planted at the end of May in flooded fields and is ready for harvesting by mid-September. Nature and the skills of the farmers result in rice from the fields of the Pego Marjal and Valencia Albufera turning from green to golden in September. For that reason, this month was chosen to celebrate World Paella Day.

LOGO WPD Paella is our most international dish and is known worldwide.  The most prestigious chefs in the world have created thousands of versions with respect to the traditional. For this reason, this international day of paella was created, to take the paella to the place it deserves.

The paella: the emblem of the Valencian people, especially those who strive every weekend to perfect their secret récipe, became international a long time ago.  So, at last, the time has come to give it its own day. September 20th will be, from now on, #WorldPaellaDay and for a day, Valencians won’t mind if you put peas into our beloved paella.  On that day, all kinds of paellas will be welcome.

For this first World Paella Day several events have been scheduled around the world. The Town Hall Square in Valencia will host a cooking demonstration with nine different paellas cooked at the same time. There will also be different cooking demonstrations around the world in cities such as: Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Miami, Paris …

In a few years, World Paella Day will be held on Sunday, so you can start practicing your recipes and perfect them until you have become a full paella master.