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New record participation at the Valencia Logistics Festival, with Dacsa Group as collaborator

A new edition of the now traditional Valencia Logistics Festival, organised by Diario del Puerto, was held on 8th March. An event which brought together the entire logistics sector and which was, once again, sold out.

The event is held around the World Paella Competition of the logistics sector and, of course, as it is about paellas, we could not miss out as collaborators, supplying more than 1000 kg of rice for the paellas.

A party that brought together 11,500 professionals from the logistics sector on the esplanade of the old El Grao station in Valencia, with 1,064 paellas reserved and 283 companies registered, which is a new record of participation in what is the largest gathering of professionals from the logistics sector.

The fun, festive and gastronomic event has once again become the nerve centre of Spanish logistics.

The event, once again, more than fulfilled its objective of providing the backbone of the logistics sector and nurturing it with commercial and human relationships in a festive atmosphere.

In addition, once again this year, the competition had a charitable nature.  On one side, charitable logistic accessories were on sale, the profits from which will go entirely to Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia. On another side, the Amigos de la Calle association had a specific area at the event where food was collected to be donated to the most disadvantaged people.