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New products with GMP + certification

At Dacsa Group we have gone a step further in the quality of the products we offer to our customers and for that reason we have acquired the GMP + certification that certifies that our maize germ and bran meal are produced following strict quality protocols.

Bran meal is obtained during the process of bleaching rice using a polishing machine. This flour contains part of the bran and the germ of the rice removed by the abrasion of the grain.

harinilla de maízCHARACTERISTICS
Humidity -12% max.
Fat – 12% min
Protein – 12% min
Gross fibre – 11% max.
Ash – 10.5% max.

Maize germ comes from germ milling, outer grain covers and other fractions of corn milling (Zea Mays.L) via a semi-wet route.
The corn used is NON GMO

Humidity – 14% max.
Fat – 8.0% ± 2.0%
Starch – min. 35%
Protein – 6% – 11%
Gross fibre – 7% max.
Ash – 4% max.
Energy – 297.3 Cal / 100g

These products have a high fat, fiber and starch content, which provides animals with a high energy contribution that is easily digested.