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New Collaboration between Sifu Group and Dacsa Group

Dacsa Group signs a collaboration contract with SIFU Group, a special employment centre, with the aim of promoting and encouraging the social and labour integration of people with disabilities by working on social awareness, social and labour integration and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Today we celebrate that it has been three months since Elena and Laura started providing the contracted service at Valencia Plant.

For us it is a small but comforting gesture for the integration of diversity. They are happy to have access to a stable job where they confess that they are very happy in their job.

Dacsa defined its leadership model some time ago and it talks about socially responsible leadership. We are proud of this, and on this occasion we are even prouder to have Elena and Laura, from Sifu Group among us.

Supporting the labour integration of this group is helping to understand that there are different abilities: it is instructive for everyone, but understanding that in your company there is work for people with different abilities is enriching.

As employers, we are happy to collaborate with a small gesture of solidarity with groups that find it more difficult to work. They just want to know if they are doing well. There is nothing different, but all the people, around this initiative, have an accomplice look of satisfaction.

We would like to thank SIFU Group for the ease, kindness and collaboration that made everything go so well and so naturally.


We will continue to move forward for equality and diversity!