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Mamás en acción (Moms in Action). Because the smile of a child, has no price

Mamás en acción is a community of people that accompanies, nurtures and encourages children, to help them become adults with social and emotional awareness.  In addition, they accompany mothers in challenging situations, to continue to sustain the love for their children’

This is how Mamás en acción is defined on their website. Mamás en acción means ‘Moms in action’ in Spanish; this organization was created by Maria José Gimeno when she visited a hospital and saw that there were some children who did not have company while they were staying there.

mamas en acción dacsa group Under this premise, Mamás en acción came into being: the need to accompany the little ones during their stay in hospitals, so that their recovery is a little more pleasant whilst also covering their emotional needs. Today, this work goes further. From Mamás en acción they have also created a loft where they store and organize materials to deliver to families who need it, from clothes and food to baby buggies or bathtubs. Another aspect is that, they are responsible for organizing and celebrating birthdays for those children who cannot afford it, because all children deserve to have a happy birthday, including friends and gifts.

A few days ago, the Espartan Rice event was held in Valencia at which the make-up artist Ana Albiol organized a day with a masterclass, raffle and paella for her followers. All the benefits of this event were for the association Mamás en acción.  From our CSR department we did not hesitate for a second to join their initiative and collaborated, with our brand Arroz Dacsa, by organizing a giant paella for its 1,800 attendees. The result saw more than € 20,000 collected for Mamás en Acción.

You can see more about the activities of Mamás en acción in this video:

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And if you are interested in volunteering, you can register on their website