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Leading change, the University of San Diego visits Dacsa Group

At Dacsa Group we are in a great period of expansion, with plants in various European cities and with workers from different cultures and nations. The importance of knowing how to lead and manage this kind of organization was the focal point of various talks given to the students of  San Diego University who visited Dacsa Group last week.

Dacsa Group, participate jointly with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in postgraduate programs with American universities. This time, we received a visit from some San Diego University Business School students who are studying for a master’s degree in Executive Leadership (MSEL).
San Diego University  - Dacsa Group

During the day, students from San Diego University were able to visit our facilities at Dacsa Group´s headquarters in Valencia. There, they were accompanied by Pedro Peiró, our Plant Manager in Valencia, in an enriching morning where they learned all the processes that take place at our different venues, both in the corn and rice mills. To conclude the plant visit  they were shown all the machinery we use to guarantee the quality and  safety of all our products.

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After that, they received talks from Pilar González, Corporate Sales Manager, and Santiago Martín, General Manager of Dacsa Group. Our colleague Pilar gave a tour through the history of Dacsa Group, from the beginning 50 years ago, through to the creation of our own brand of rice. Additionally, she also outlined how we arrived at our latest innovations by our R&D department, as well as our growth as a multinational group.

Furthermore, our General Manager, Santiago Martín, explained the importance of standardizing processes as a key to multinational and multicultural growth such as the one that Dacsa Group has experienced in recent years. This ranged from the implementation of common policies across all company plants, to the importance of having a team made up of leaders and experts in their different fields. He emphasized the importance of interpersonal skills to guide a company that is constantly changing and evolving, with plants in several countries and, therefore, with workers from different cultures, but having a common business strategy.

For that reason, during the different talks we emphasised the importance that a leader has within our company, and that a good leader must know how to explain the changes, should inspire others and, in a multicultural context such as ours, it is very important to know how to respect each countries culture.

The day was really enriching and the students learned the importance of interpersonal skills to become a global leader through multicultural communication and hierarchical management. Nobody said that the changes were easy, but they are always exciting and at Dacsa Group we are in that moment of change where the best is yet to come.