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Dacsa Group participates together with Kellogg’s in the Origins 2018 program

Following the strategy of continuous improvement, Dacsa’s Group sustainability department, together with the IVIA (Valencian Institute for Agrarian Research) and ARCESA has participated in the Origins sustainability initiative ,organized by Kellogg’s since 2012.

Origin program

The purpose of this program is to exchange experiences and knowledge between rice farmers in Valencia and the Ebro Delta, to encourage participation and connection between the different rice producers, with the aim to implement a larger number of plots each year with the best agricultural practices as possible. In this way, it is intended to improve the efficiency of fertilizers use, the optimization of water management and collaborate with the identification and mitigation of factors against climate change. All the farmers that are part of this ‘Origins’ program promoted by Kellogg’s receive training and advice from specialized technicians to optimize their crops.

Last June several rice fields were visited in the Ebro Delta, where they use the dry rice planting technique, this technique was discussed in order to improve the control of pests. On July 26 the workshop took place in the province of Valencia visiting selected fields called ‘showcases’.

On this session, farmers visited the rice research facilities origin program that the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA) has got in  the town of Sueca (Valencia), where they could see the importance of the genomic study of rice to obtain and new varieties.

During the workshop, different ‘showcase’ plots were visited in the towns of Sueca and Llaurí. The ‘showcase’ plots are those that collaborate with the ‘Origins’ program and which are cultivated according to the rules and procedures of best agricultural practices defined by IRTA (Institute of research and technology of agri-foods). During the visit to these plots, farmers could exchange experiences with those who came from the plantations of the Ebro Delta.

Certainly, it was a very nurturing day for all the attendees. Farmers, management and people of Dacsa Group were able to enjoy a day of knowledge sharing and training in favor of the sustainability of the most representative crop of the Valencian community: the rice.