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Internal Paella Competition

As has been customary since 2015, Dacsa Group held its traditional internal paella competition on 24 September.

An internal paella competition, for the plant’s employees, was part of a day that sought to promote teamwork, as well as improve communication and motivation of employees. The event took place in Almàssera, the town where the company’s headquarters in Valencia are located.

The day took place in a relaxed manner  and was well-attended, with parallel activities that all attendees were able to enjoy.

For Dacsa Group, it is essential to promote outdoor and leisure activities such as this day. This helps to create a relaxed and friendly environment that generates a favourable working atmosphere in the different facilities.

With activities like this, Dacsa seeks to promote the values of the group among its employees and their families, but also to become a feature with a positive impact on employees.

And what better way to do it than around such a traditional dish that reflects so well the DNA of the group as is the Valencian paella.

The winners were:

1º PRIZE: María Bengochea

2º PRIZE: Alicia Saez

3º PRIZE: Marvin Ardila

From Dacsa Group we would like to congratulate the winners of the contest for their great creation and thank all the employees for their participation and collaboration in a day like this.