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I Inclusive tournament Crecer en Positivo + Dacsa Group

Crecer en Positivo is a non-profit association created to meet a series of unmet needs and wishes regarding sports and leisure for people with intellectual disabilities and/or with special support needs. Dacsa Group has been collaborating with them for a year with our brand Arroz Dacsa sponsoring the padel team. Through this, these boys and girls can grow as athletes and, at the same time, enjoy the pleasure of sport, playing national and regional tournaments.

Last week, we celebrated our first inclusive paddle tournament together. We formed pairs comprised of our employees and young people from the organization. We carried out this activity framed within the SDG 3 Health and Welfare.

It was a really fun day, in which people working at Dacsa Group were able to learn about adapted sports, and play different roles, whilst developing social skills in an environment of diversity.

The players of Crecer en Positivo  play with some adaptations in respect to the usual competition, since they play with the FEDDI (Spanish Federation of sports for people with intellectual disability) system.  For this reason, the day began with Francisco Borcha (founder of the Association ) giving a talk, in which he explained the different game modalities in the adapted category and in the category of sports skills, two of the categories in which the members of the association compete.

After this initial talk and introductions of those who were to be partners during the day, the first games began. The pairs worked really well and although we were expecting a day dedicated to learning and leisure, we also saw really good points in the different games.

After the awarding of medals and prizes for the two winning pairs in the different categories, we bade farewell to this inclusive tournament with a smile on our face.  We learned much more as a company than expected, such as teamwork, effort and overcoming challenges. So, we can only thank all the people who are part of Crecer en Positivo for letting us play with them and giving us the opportunity to learn so much by their side. Thank you!