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Hyperloop, the means of transport to reach the future

Hyperloop is known as the fifth means of transport. It combines the speed of an airplane, but with the frequency and comfort of the train. It would appear difficult to achieve this, however, the concept is quite simple: “these are capsules that will levitate inside a tube at low pressure. By levitating, we eliminate friction with the ground and, by extracting the air, friction with the air. Thus, there is practically nothing that slows you down ”, as the team members comment.

Hyperloop UPV is made up of a team of students from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, whose mission is to design a functional Hyperloop prototype that will allow the use of this transport in the future. This team was established in 2015, after the Hyperlook Design Weekend Competition that was organized by SpaceX. This team has worked during the different editions, standing out in a multitude of areas and putting the Hyperlook UPV team in the top 10 in all of them.

Furthermore, the Hyperloop team at the Polytechnic University of Valencia has gone one step further and developed the Hypetube. A tube measuring 12 meters long and 2 meters in diameter that has become the first vacuum chamber in Spain that works with solar energy. This tube is pioneering in Spain as it is self-sustaining, given that it works thanks to the 12 panels on the outside that provide it with energy.

In addition, they have organized the European Hyperloop Week, in which Valencia will host the first European event focused exclusively on this means of transport and in which the city will become the Hyperloop capital of the world. For a week, teams of students from more than 20 universities, on five continents, will compete in the design of prototypes. In addition, there will be talks and round tables. These meetings are held with the aim of generating an exchange of ideas and views between members of the student community and companies.

Arroz Dacsa is committed to talent, which is why we have sponsored this programme for three years. This is because they promote values such as effort, perseverance, research, innovation and development. Values that are also represented in our company. The Polytechnic University of Valencia initiative is to enable its students to have extracurricular activities. In fact, this was one of the first projects the programme had and, over time, it has become one of the best international ambassadors for the university.

Hyperloop is an idea that was raised in the past, but over time it has been rediscovered in the present so that it can be improved in the future. This concept originated in the 19th century, but it has not been until now that we have had enough technology to carry it out.  In addition, it is necessary that the centres of big cities are able to connect using a completely clean technology, avoiding waiting.

However, Hyperloop is much more. It is the union of people, businesses and cultures. It represents the union of the whole world. In addition, sharing the values of Arroz Dacsa, it is to fly the flag for innovation, for a more sustainable future. A set of advantages provided by the different technologies in a sector that has been revolutionized, since it was stagnating in the development of new technologies. Hyperloop is not just the future. Hyperloop is the means of transport to reach the future.