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Good people practices: The 100 day interview

Such as personal relationships go through various phases, professional relationships are no exception. One of the events that generate the most stress for people is the change of job, the joining into a new environment, project, company and the level of self-demand that this usually entails.

At Dacsa Group we have developed a complete welcome process that covers one week before and up to one month after the person joins the project.  It is a healthy, friendly and practical process. It is highly valued in the company.

After that first stage, there is a milestone that seems to mean a lot to someone new at Dacsa, and that is the 100-day interview.  A face-to-face space between the employee and his or her line manager. It is a key moment for both parties to analyze and prepare the answer to key questions that allow the adjustment of expectations on both sides.

Questions such as: What aspects of our new employee have surprised us positively and that we did not expect to find? What challenges could be taken on in three months’ time? Or for the newcomer, which functions do you find more complex now compared to what you imagined when you were a candidate, where do you feel more or less confident and where would you like more support or guidance?

The 100-day interview helps the employee to feel acceptance and security and therefore motivation. They will understand that at Dacsa Group, mistakes are part of the learning process, that we expect their questions, their need for advice and guidance and, of course, we look forward to their suggestions, which are typical of fresh eyes.

And you will also be surprised by those aspects that your manager is already able to appreciate about him/her in the time he/she has been working with you. He/she will be better oriented in his/her job, will feel more confident, much more useful and integrated.

These are some of the opinions and reflections that we have collected in the last survey launched to our latest incorporations in Dacsa Group, answering the question: What are your feelings after the 100 days interview?

  • “I really liked being able to talk to my manager in such a simple and direct way.”
  • “Very good. The impressions I had about my performance or his possibilities were in line with those of my manager. We both communicated very well the way forward”.
  • “Very good feelings. A lot of transparency and honesty”.
  • “The feeling is very good. The department trusts me and I have the capacity to continue to improve in the department. The feelings are the same as they were on the first day, but after 6 months they are consolidated feelings that the change has been for better”.
  • “An interview like this is super valuable after 3 months and I hope to be able to have other moments to talk about what is expected of me and how I am seen”.

Undoubtedly a process that offers guidance and feedback to anyone who joins Dacsa Group, allowing them to grow as a professional.