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Asindown ‘Unstoppable’ Gala

On May 31st, the ‘Unstoppable Gala’ was celebrated in Valencia, at which more than 100 people from the  Asindown association were awarded for their involvement and the effort they put into the work they carry out in different companies in the Valencian Community.

Our colleague Miguel Rosique was awarded in the category ‘Enthusiastic Newcomer’. Miguel has been working at Dacsa Group for more than a year and helps us in with different administrative and organizational tasks.

The most popular word heard during the ceremony was inclusion and labor inclusion is very important for people who have some intellectual diversity; this minority of people is the largest minority in our society.

Dacsa Group is committed to inclusion and whilst companies are an active part of this change, we are not the most important part. The most important part are those people who do not allow themselves to be affected by those who treat them as different and every day they break down the stereotypes. For that reason, they are #Unstoppables.

People with intellectual diversity break barriers, break structures and help us to change the system. Diversity is the added value that all these people contribute to their companies and we can affirm that since Miguel has been at our company, each and every one of us is a little bit better.