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From DACSA GROUP we have donated laptops to 2 social organizations in Valencia

Thanks to the IT department of Dacsa Group, 16 laptops have been set up and donated to two associations in Valencia: Red Aminata and the Intercultural Association of Home and Care Professionals – AIPHyC; reflecting the firm commitment of the company to support initiatives that promote welfare and social progress.

The computers will be used by migrant women and/or asylum seekers of various nationalities, residents of the city of Valencia. These women live the digital divide due to multiple circumstances, among these: little academic training in their countries of origin and host countries, as well as economic insecurity.  Having these computers will be a great contribution to the objectives of these two organizations, as it will allow them to undertake processes of strengthening the capacities of women for participation and the exercise of effective citizenship.

Red Aminata is an association established in Valencia that works for the prevention of Female Genital Mutilation and provides social support to victims of FGM. Its president, Aminata Soucko, in the role of Community Based Health Agent, mediates between the women who have suffered this practice, the health system and the community.

The Intercultural Association of Home and Care Professionals – AIPHyC, is an association formed by migrant women for migrant women working in the sector of domestic and care work. It is an association that arises to defend the rights of these women and accompany them in different processes related to the exercise of their citizenship. At the level of society in general, AIPHYC advances different processes to raise awareness, defend and make visible the situation of this labour sector.

The donation of these laptops will allow these two associations to improve the process of accompanying the women they support.