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Dacsa Group, a responsible employment company

More than 500 people work at Dacsa Group, across 9 production plants in 5 different countries. Over the last five years, our staff has been growing, not only progressively, but also in a stable way, with 95% of our contracts being permanent and practically all of them full time.

At Dacsa Group we are convinced that it is not good for people to be thinking about their continuity or contract renewal, but rather that they should be focused on contributing and giving the best of themselves. Guaranteeing stable employment requires having robust recruitment processes to attract talent, efficient selection and maximizing the degree of adjustment between person and position.

The department that leads on employment policies and selection, professional development and remuneration is the Corporate People’s Department. It has been called that for five years because words and language say a lot about companies and at Dacsa Group, people are not resources, people have resources.

As a company that seeks continuous improvement for customers, suppliers, and employees, we promote policies far beyond compliance with legislation. This year we have driven the development of an Equality Plan, convinced that, although in our corporate culture, gender equality is a notable feature that can always be improved.  This will help the society that surrounds us, raising awareness in terms of equality.

At Dacsa Group, we have launched a strategic program called «PULSE», which is triennial and covers all the projects related to the attraction of talent, development and retention.

The more relevant projects led by the Corporate People Department, carried out between 2018 and 2019 are:

– We have defined the Employees Value Proposal that has been prepared thanks to the participation of the employees.

– We have defined a Salary Bands System that guarantees the internal equity of salaries and external equity with the labor market that allows transparency and clarity since it is based on the importance or relevance of each position within the organization under objective criteria.

– We have incorporated some Digital Internal Communication Tools, such as HappyDacsa (internal social network) and What’s Dacsa (based on a WhatsApp list of more than 170 employees). Both tools allow access to relevant information instantly and is for all company workers. Democratization and digitalization in communication.

– We have defined a Model of Proper Leadership engaging more than 35 company executives from across all the countries where we are located. This demonstrates the style of professional relationship that the company wishes to promote, especially between its managers.

– The active leadership of the Corporate Social Responsibility department not only champions the main economic contributions to projects and NGOs.  It also aligns the company´s commitment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, through activities and projects in which, many times, the workers are both the executors and participants. Creating, at the same time, an internal spirit of solidarity, of which many of us feel proud. An important project is the sponsorship of the Chair of Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia 

Corporate Social Responsibility is a policy of attraction and retention that is much more powerful than a good salary.

For these and other reasons, the University of Valencia wanted to award us at the inaugural UVocupació awards, in the category of ‘Employment of Corporate Responsibility’. This is an award that we are more than proud of because it is a reward for the internal effort of Dacsa Group for continuing to advance for the benefit of the people