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The coherence of an Organisation: eNPS – One of 8 strategic indicators in Dacsa Group


There are decisive and consistent decisions, which give much value to the widespread assertion that people are the most important asset of a company.

A clear example is the fact that in 2021 Dacsa Group have decided to elevate, to strategic, the indicator that measures the commitment and satisfaction of the people who work in it.  This is through the eNPS, Employee Net Promoter Score, which is monitored quarterly at all of the group’s production plants.

The eNPS is a simple, standardised indicator that measures the likelihood that an employee would recommend their company to their acquaintances as a good place to work.

Completely linked to the first-person experience, we all talk about the companies where we work and the people we work with. To recommend is to give an opinion that is closely linked to the emotion produced by memories of one’s own experience at work. That is why this indicator is such a good gauge.

The eNPS is demanding, and classifies according to the response as follows:

  • Promoters (9-10): Employees who would recommend their company to work for.
  • Passive (7-8): Those who are neutral in their opinion.
  • Detractors (0-6): Employees who are not particularly satisfied and therefore less committed.


The Dacsa Group’s eNPS in 2020 was 16%, with a response rate of 70%. We are going to improve it further at each site and each work centre. To this end, management have drawn up an Action Plan where they monitor the impact of all actions.


It is consistent with our clear customer focus, which is thus extended to the internal customer. It is also a decision linked to our leadership model. This is because we have integrated two compelling pieces of evidence:

  • The first is that customer relationships are closely linked to the experience of the company’s employees.
  • The second is that we want to nurture and help build positive professional relationships, and a safe and positive working environment where people want to do their best.

The more committed and satisfied a person is in their job, the better it is for their customers inside and outside of the company.



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