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Dacsa wishes a Merry Christmas to its employees with poinsettias from the Novaterra Foundation

The Novaterra foundation is celebrating 25 years of its Christmas campaign, in which volunteers and friends of the association sell poinsettias to raise funds that will be used for social and labor integration.

Novaterra Dacsa Group Currently there are more than 50 volunteers who turn this campaign into a reality. Last year a record figure of more than 15,000 poinsettias were sold and we hope this will be exceeded in 2018.

For many years we’ve collaborated with Novaterra on this campaign and, have been buying poinsettias for the people who work at our headquarters in Valencia. This contributes towards Novaterra´s great social work and brings cheer to the homes of our workers with the warmth that poinsettias bring at this time of year.

The Novaterra Foundation works with people at risk of social exclusion by designing a ‘journey to dignity’ for them that offers to assist and advise people on how to get a job. In 2017, the Novaterra Foundation assisted more than 300 people and almost 200 of them got a job. At Dacsa Group we work with the principle of carrying out our business every day within an ethical framework, based on the Social Responsibility of the group with respect to the communities with which we interact. We, therefore, collaborate with this foundation and other entities to help benefit the whole society .