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Dacsa has held a new edition of its Summer Training Breakfast, in which it welcomes the internship students who are with us during these months of the year.

This year’s edition welcomed students from different departments and they had the opportunity to know in depth both the history and the activity of the company.


✅ In the first session our interns shared how their experience with Dacsa is going and shared what skills and knowledge they have acquired during this stage. In addition, we organized a workshop to improve their knowledge of the company and encourage teamwork. Seeing how our interns work together reminds us of the importance of promoting inclusion in the workplace.

MARÍA GARCÍA, intern in the Commercial Department of Food Solutions commented: “From day one, DACSA has had a very positive impact on me, as well as on my day-to-day life and my professional training. Activities like today’s session make you feel important within the company and recognized in what we do. A personalization that is much appreciated and motivates you even more on a daily basis, in addition to promoting camaraderie between the different departments of the company”.

✅In the second session they had the opportunity to visit the production plant in Valencia with Pedro Peiró, our Plant Manager, who showed them how our production process works, from the reception of raw materials to the final delivery of the product, guaranteeing the quality and safety of the visit.


CLAUDIA ATIENZA, an intern in the Administration Department, added: “For me, these types of activities are very important because through them you feel more integrated and have the feeling that Dacsa values our presence and work every day in the company and that motivates and encourages you to improve every day”.

Our Internship Program is more than just work experience.  During your time with us, you work on meaningful projects, collaborate with teams of professionals and experience the inner workings of our company. At Dacsa, we want to ensure that you have an enriching and meaningful experience that prepares you for a very successful future. Our first internship experience is never forgotten!