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Dacsa Group wins the Aster award for the Best Corporate History awarded by ESIC

The 39th edition of the Valencia Community’s Aster Awards, organised by ESIC Business & Marketing School, was held on 27 May.

The awards, which have been presented since 1982, recognise the merits of individuals and entities in their professional activity, thus promoting the integration between academic training and business work.

On this occasion, Dacsa Group has been recognised with the Aster Award for the Best Corporate History for its achievements throughout its history.

The award has been granted by a jury made up of relevant personalities from the economic, educational and social environment sectors of our country: Raúl Royo López, CEO Royo Group and president of the jury; Agustín Carrilero Castillo, Director of ESIC Comunidad Valenciana; Armando Nieto Ranero, President of Divina Seguros; Carlos Lledó Orriach, Chief Executive Officer of Idai Nature; Hugo de Juan, CEO of Encamina and partner in Entresistemas and Derobotica; José María Colonques García-Planas, Ambassador of Porcelanosa Valencia; Mayte Ramos Navarro, General Manager of Grupo Sorolla Educación; Rafael Juan Fernández, CEO of Vicky Foods and Victoria Majadas Morales, President of BigBang Inversores Privados and Founding Partner of Smart to People.

Dacsa Group also received the following awards:

  • Aster Award Best Professional Career: Enrique Lucas, President of Ediciones Plaza.
  • Aster Best Entrepreneur Award: Salvador Esteve and Víctor P. Amarnani, CEO’s and Co-Founders of BigBuy.
  • Aster Marketing Award: Choví for its new packaging ChovíChová 100% recyclable and 25% recycled.

ESIC Comunidad Valenciana has highlighted the quality of the winners of this edition and the pride it represents to be able to give awards to companies that bring wealth to our Community.

This award for Dacsa Group reinforces our commitment to a job well done and to continue growing and contributing wealth to our immediate environment, in this case, the Valencian Community.