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Dacsa Group takes part in the Women’s Race

On the 10th of April, Valencia once again hosted the Central Lechera Asturiana Women’s Race, a sporting and charity event whose proceeds are donated to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

The pink tide was joined by 20 female employees of Dacsa Group, who wanted to collaborate with their donation and participation in this traditional event.

Valencia thus hosted the first event of the Women’s Race Circuit, which will run through different Spanish cities over the next few months. The Pink Tide, which was joined by Arroz Dacsa, was made up of 6,000 women who dyed the streets of the city, in what was a return to normality in the celebration of this event after the pandemic. All this after a 2020 with virtual races and a 2021 with a much reduced participation.

Dacsa colleagues, like the rest of the participants, wore the number 016 on their bibs, the telephone number for victims of gender violence.

There was also time to call for peace in Ukraine with a tribute to the Ukrainian sportswomen Daria Krupenikova (31 years old, video editor) and Yelyzaveta Vorobii (26 years old, model and journalist). Both have participated in the race hand in hand with the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR).

Among the main objectives of the event is the effort to incorporate women of all ages into the regular practice of sport, to fight against cancer and raise awareness of the importance of prevention, as well as to promote healthy lifestyles and combat gender violence and the social and educational inequalities suffered by women.

Dacsa, with the participation of our colleagues, did its bit and joined in the achievement of these objectives in what is already a classic in the calendar of charity races in our country.

 Thank you colleagues!