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Dacsa Group strengthens its position in the gourmet brands sector with the acquisition of the brand Arroz La Campana

arroz dacsaFollowing our line of strategic positioning, Dacsa Group, owner of Arroz Dacsa brand, increases its rice offer through the purchase of the Arroz La Campana brand. In this way, we strengthen our presence in the market by reinforcing the brand with a new range of gourmet rice. This agreement also means continued promotion of the commercialization of rice with the Controlled Origin Denomination from Valencia.

Or brrand, Arroz Dacsa, is the main producer of rice with the Controlled Origin Denomination from Valencia, a seal of quality that certifies the origin and provenance of the Valencian rice and the first to obtain the seal of Natural Product of L’Albufera, awarded by the Infrastructures, Territory and Environment Ministry.

Arroz La Campana is a commercial brand with long tradition in the world of rice, founded in 1957. Arroz La Campana also belongs to the Regulatory Council of Denomination Origin from Valencia.

Through this operation, different synergies are generated between both commercial brands, which allows  the maximum use of material and natural resources. This acquisition will also help to significantly improve the position of Dacsa Group as a reference company in Spanish households.

The agreement focuses on the acquisition of the commercial brand Arroz La Campana, as well as rice dryer and storage facilities located in the Valencian town of Sollana, a strategic and high-value area where rice with the Controlled Origin Denomination from Valencia is grown.

Currently, Arroz La Campana has an annual sales volume of 5,000 tons of finished rice. With this acquisition, Dacsa Group expects to increase this data, in addition to boosting the sales in the sector of gourmet rice products.

This operation, provides an improvement of the infrastructure in the area of ​​Controlled Origin Denomination from Valencia, with the silos and dryers acquired in the town of Sollana, which will help to maximize the sales and the production of rice with this seal of quality.