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Dacsa Group signs a collaboration agreement with Asindown

A social collaboration agreement has been signed with the Asindown Foundation from by the Corporate Social Responsibility department. Asindown is an organisation that was founded by families with children that have Down´s syndrome and different intellectual abilities, to encourage them to make a full social and work contribution as well as to develop their potentialities.

firma convenio asindown 2v2 dacsa groupThanks to this collaboration agreement, Dacsa Group already has a worker in the team who comes from Asindown. Furthermore, the group also undertakes the responsibility to carry out more actions that favour their social and professional contribution.

Dacsa Group contributes to one of the goals of the Asindown Foundation, which is: full labor inclusion, joining their fight for a more inclusive society. With all their effort and dedication, all the workers of the Asindown Foundation demonstrate that this is possible.

Additionally, Dacsa Group has also collaborated, under its brand “Arroz Dacsa”, with the production of “Distintos”, a short film directed by Josevi García Herrero. This short film is also an initiative of the Asindown Foundation, which shows the different abilities of two young people with Down´s syndrome, in search of a goal which is to arrive alone to a concert. The short film has already won several prizes at different festivals and is one of the favorites to be nominated for the Goya award.

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