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Dacsa Group renews its collaboration agreement with PayaSOSpital

For another year, Dacsa Group is once again collaborating with the PayaSOSpital Association, helping them to finance visits to children admitted to hospitals in the Valencia Region.

PayaSOSpital is a non-profit association that brightens up the lives of hospitalised children with regular performances by professional clowns adapted to each child and coordinated with healthcare staff. With more than 25 years of experience, they have improved the quality of life of thousands of children through laughter.

Dacsa has collaborated with this great initiative for more than 3 years, helping them in their work both in hospitals and with different initiatives.

Thanks to the contributions and collaborations, PayaSOSpital is able to carry out weekly personalised shows in the rooms of hospitalised children. This is especially in the Paediatrics and Paediatric Oncology areas of 7 hospitals in the community.

The performances are carried out in coordination with the medical team of these areas in order to adapt the shows to the mood, medical and psychological situation of each child. Moreover, whether or not to participate is always the decision of the child, who has the last word.

In addition, on many occasions it is the health staff themselves who request the presence of the clowns to relieve the stress and anxiety of certain treatments. In this way, both the child and the parents are distracted and relaxed, relieving the stress and anxiety of the moment.

Without a doubt, for Dacsa it is a pleasure to be able to collaborate with the PayaSOSpital Association to improve the situation of these children in the Valencian Community.

A great social and community initiative that Grupo Dacsa is proud to be part of.