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Published on: News

Dacsa Group strengthens its positioning by completing the 100% acquisition of Dacsa Atlantic

Dacsa Group has completed the 100% acquisition of the Portuguese company Dacsa Atlantic, which had, up to now, been a 50% shareholding.

Dacsa Atlantic, previously called Atlantic Meals, is a leading Portuguese company in its sector dedicated to the drying, storage, processing and commercialization of rice and maize milling products for the food industry, brewery industry and the large distibution chains, with recognized rice brands like Ceifeira, Atlantic, LeChef and Sorraia.

The company has an industrial plant in Monte da Barca (Coroche), for the drying and milling of rice and maize with a capacity of more than 90.000 tn/year. In addition, counts with industrial facilities located in Biscainho, dedicated to the receipt, drying and storage of cereals, it also has commercial offices in Lisbon.

This operation involves strengthening the market positioning of Dacsa Group and its consolidation as a leader in the milling industry at European level. The synergies between the two companies in the areas of origination, commercialization and operations will help to improve service and better serve market needs.