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Dacsa Group reaches 10 000 followers on Linkedin

We have 10,000 followers on Linkedin already!  We couldn’t be prouder of the great community we have created!

Since we opened our channel, on this social network, our goal has been to share content that can be of value to other companies or professionals.

Day by day we have shown what helps us grow, what works for us, what motivates us as a company, all with the mission of sharing with followers, clients and professionals experiences that can be useful in their day to day.

We have also taken advantage of this professional network to be proud of our employees and share their passion and achievements. Their work and efforts make us better as a group and as a company. If anything helps us to grow and makes us what we are, it is our team and all the people who are part of Dacsa Group.

Thanks to this, innovation continues to be a fundamental pillar in all our actions and is the focus of the content we share on our networks. This is part of our contribution to a sector and an industry that, like the food industry, must continue to advance along the path of innovation.

Moreover, our Linkedin wall is also open to all those companies and initiatives with which we share values and collaborate. And it could not be otherwise, because it is part of our DNA as a company. We seek to give back and contribute to society our grain of sand in the construction of a fairer, more caring and respectful world.

All of this has built a community of which we are proud, with ten thousand thanks to all the people who share their interests and join us in this network, precisely in a channel that, like Linkedin, brings professionals together and brings us closer so that, jointly, we can continue to grow.

Thank you for being there.