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Dacsa Group presents The Pulse Project

PULSE is impulse, and it is also a pulse. A pulse that must be continuously taken with people when the company is transforming as it grows and reorganises.

PULSE is the strategic talent management project that Dacsa Group has launched and is lead by the Corporate People’s Department.

Peoples department Dacsa Group

It’s main axis is the management of talent for and on behalf of people. We want our company to increase its capacities for attraction, identification, development and loyalty, because we have great internal potential. We should take maximum advantage and seize upon the strengths of our employer’s brand, being Valencian and multinational.

The most amazing feature of this project, is that it brings benefits both for the company and for all employees. This is because PULSE provides measures for the whole lifecycle of people working at Dacsa, from their recruitment and throughout their professional development.

We are increasing the level of communication and participation for everyone through digital tools and it makes the cross management of the HR function more efficient.

PULSE encompasses measures to promote a culture of reconciliation that fosters commitment to projects and results. We will also work intensively to define and share the DACSA leadership style as a key aspect to retain and enhance efforts, challenges and motivation. We have different lines of work aimed at talent retention. We believe the key is that everyone feels they are an active part of the great project that we have and protagonists of the changes that we are facing and managing. We want to develop our people´s talent and for that reason, and more than ever, we will keep investing heavily in quality training.

All the people in Dacsa Group are users and beneficiaries of this project, and most of its programs are being implemented, from the beginning, with the collaboration of people across all areas and plants of the company.

Working at DACSA is an adventure and we also want it to always be exciting and attractive in time for the professionals who come and also for everyone who is already in our “home”. PULSE is the project that will ensure this goal.


África Valldecabres
Corporate People Manager