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Dacsa Group presents its new brand Natur Dacsa at the Gulfood trade fair in Dubai

Last week the 24th annual Gulfood trade fair was held in Dubai.  This four day international fair focused on the entire agri-food sector, with visitors from all over the world gathering at the 900,000 square meter venue.

IMG-20190221-WA0001v2As every year, our company, Dacsa Group, wanted to be present at this very important trade fair. In addition, this year, we have focused all our efforts on research and development and we wanted to show them to the trade fair visitors. For this reason, this time, in addition to our usual products, we wanted to bring new products that we will launch onto the market throughout 2019.

From Dacsa Group we presented our new brand, Natur Dacsa.  This is a new line of products designed for all types of consumers but, at the same time, focuses on gluten-free food.  In addition, some of these preparations are also suitable for vegans.


We are aware that there is a growing demand for healthy food. In the same way, there are increasingly more specific sectors that need to see their needs met and they cant currently  find an answer in the food sector. Our duty and our obligation has always been to listen to these demands and that is why we have developed this new range of products.

gulfood natur dacsa

Among the products we presented at the fair you could find:

  • Multifunctional flour
  • Falafel
  • Tempura
  • Veganesa (vegan mayonnaise)
  • Vegetable cream with mushrooms
  • Vegetable cream with asparagus
  • Baking mix


Amongst all the products, vegetable creams stand out for being vegan and containing cereals, pulses and ancient  grains. The entire range of Natur Dacsa products is natural and healthy, in addition to being made without any artificial preservatives. Their ingredients turn them into nutritionally balanced foods and their preparation at home is really simple.

The warm reception by all the visitors to the fair was extraordinary and for that reason we are looking forward to launching this brand in Spain. Consumers can have these products in their homes throughout this year (2019) and we hope to have the same good reception in Spanish households that we had at Gulfood during the past week.