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Dacsa Group participates in the Women’s Race in Valencia

On 23 April, Valencia once again hosted the Central Lechera Asturiana Women’s Race, a sporting and charity event whose proceeds are donated to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

The pink tide, made up of 8000 participants, 2000 more than in 2022, was joined by 23 female employees of the Dacsa Group.

For several years now, it has been a must-attend event that our female colleagues have been attending to support this traditional and charitable event.

The participants once again dyed the streets of the city pink to cover the 6.5 kilometre route which, as a novelty for 2023, recovered the original route of the race, returning to the start and finish line before previous to the pandemic: from Avenida Ingeniero Manuel Soto (opposite the Tinglados) to go through the finish arch on the Paseo Marítimo in front of the sea.

On this occasion, the organisation chose football to give visibility to women in this sport, which coincides with the creation of the footballer doll as part of the #MasqueUnaMuñeca collection. To this end, tribute was paid to Valencia CF Femenino with María Martí as an ambassador on behalf of the club.

The #MasqueUnaMuñeca project already has 14 models and highlights diversity, as well as being dolls that are hand-sewn by women victims of sexual and labour exploitation trafficking. This is part of the collaboration project of Carrera de la Mujer with Proyecto Esperanza and Wanawake.

In addition, the event also helps to make visible the fight against gender violence, so our colleagues, like the rest of the participants, wore the number 016, the telephone number for victims of gender violence.

Among the main objectives of this race is the effort to incorporate women of all ages, to regularly practice sport, to fight against cancer and raise awareness of the importance of prevention. This is as well as to promote healthy lifestyle habits to avoid it as far as possible, and to combat gender violence and social and educational inequalities suffered by women.

For our part, we would like to thank our colleagues for their participation and collaboration in doing their bit, once again this year, to achieve these objectives in the national tour of the biggest women’s sporting event in Europe.