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Dacsa Group participates in the “Jo Vull Ser empresari” programme to train future entrepreneurs

On 3rd May, a new conference was held as part of the “Jo Vull Ser Empresari¨ programme from the University of Valencia. A programme designed by, and for, new entrepreneurs who want to know and learn the basics for the creation of companies.

On this occasion, they had the participation of Dacsa Group, specifically Araceli Císcar, Executive Director of the Group, together with Ignacio Valls, Group Sustainability Manager and Mary Carmen Vidal, Group R&D Product Development Manager.

During the talk, they were able to share with the attendees business and entrepreneurial aspects, but, above all, innovation and sustainability as fundamental factors for the growth of a company and vital aspects for future entrepreneurs.

The Jo Vull becoming an entrepreneur programme is organised by the Chair of Entrepreneurial Culture of the University of Valencia in which attendees acquire concepts about business creation through talks given by professionals in the field and with experience in the field of creating new companies.

Dacsa Group actively collaborates in this and other activities developed from the university environment with the aim of bringing business reality closer to the university world. Dacsa makes numerous efforts to strengthen the links between the University and Business as part of giving back to society some of the knowledge acquired through years of business dedication.

Programmes such as this one, in which students can train alongside renowned entrepreneurs and experienced professionals, are of great help in fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and training future entrepreneurs.