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Dacsa Group participates in the Assembly of Euromaisiers, the European association of maize producers.

On May 20 , the General Assembly of Euromaisiers was held in Gdansk, Poland, with the attendance and participation of Dacsa Group. 

Euromaisiers is the association that represents the European maize milling sector. It was created in the 1980s, to give a voice to European maize milling companies, and Dacsa Group became a member in 1986.

The maize milling sector produces natural and wholesome maize-based primary foods used in the manufacture of a wide variety of foods and beverages. It also has specific needs that are different from those of other cereals, which is why it was necessary to create an association to defend these interests in the European Union.

Euromaisiers currently comprises of 23 companies and 2 national associations from 10 European countries. Together, its members represent more than 90% of European maize production.

Every year, its members meet in an assembly to discuss issues affecting the sector, such as sustainability, health and innovation. Specifically, in this edition, the talks and debates focused on the market situation and the problems currently affecting the maize milling industry. In addition, M. Nicola Di Virgilio, an expert in the Environmental Sustainability Unit at the European Commission, was a guest speaker. In his presentation, he spoke to the audience about the challenge of linking agriculture with climate and biodiversity objectives.

Another topic discussed at the assembly was the market situation in each country, as well as future trends and challenges for the maize milling sector.

Representing Dacsa Group at the meeting were: Araceli Císcar, Director; Santiago Martín, General Manager; Silvia Gil, Group Agribusiness Quality & Food Safety Manager; Pilar González, Corporate Sales Manager; Colin Clarke, Plant Manager; Frederico Rodrigues, General Manager of Portugal; Adam Drozdowski, Plant Manager; Vincent Boehm, Group Maize BU Export Manager and Paco Martí, Corporate Quality and Food Safety, who is also currently Vice-President of Euromaisiers.