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Dacsa Group participates in the 2nd Edition of the Nestlé Sustainable Supplier Award

Dacsa Group, through its sustainability and commercial departments, has attended, both as a guest and a participant, the 2nd Edition of the Nestlé Sustainable Supplier Award, which took place at  Nestlé’s Spanish headquarters in Esplugues de Llobregat.

In this edition, the number of supplier brands has increased considerably, going from just 20 to almost 50, within the two existing categories (Contribution to Society and Protection of the Environment).

Dacsa Group,  participated in the environmental protection contest, with a project called ‘Digitalization and Monitoring of Crops’ that is being carried out by the origination department and is framed within the DACSA 4.0 programme. Another 26 companies competed within the same category.

monitorización cultivo dacsa With this programme The Dacsa Group aims to give customised advice to farmers, through the visualization of plots via satellite , using drones for aerial photography and the monitoring of machinery, amongst other tools.  In this way they will reduce their expenditure on water and phytosanitary supplies.   This will mean an improvement in the production and quality of the corn and, therefore, will increase the profitability of the farms.  At the same time The Dacsa Group will win loyalty from these farmers who receive benefit from this support.

The General Manager of Nestlé Spain, Laurent Dereux, emphasized the importance for them to choose sustainable suppliers.  This factor is growing in importance within the company, being currently at the same level as other factors such as price and quality of the product.

Jacques Reber, who will take over the direction of the company in the coming days, has also confirmed that this trend will continue in the future, which is why he encourages all of us to continue implementing policies that respect the environment.

The Dacsa Group is proud to participate and contribute to the protection of the environment.