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Dacsa Group participates in CIBENA project

The Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) has approved the CIBENA proposal within the framework of the Strategic Program of Consortia of National Business Research (CIEN). The CIEN program aims to promote public-private collaboration and to promote the carrying out of planned research in strategic areas of the future and with international projection.

This project called “MEJORA DE LA CADENA DE VALOR EN LA PRODUCCIÓN DE SUPERALIMENTOS” Has an overall budget of more than 7 million euros and a term of execution of 3 years.

CIBENA is led by the SIRO AGUILAR company belonging to GRUPO SIRO and has the participation of Dacsa, Epsa, Fruselva, Grupo BC, Huercasa, Interal and Sakata. In addition to this consortium of companies, 6 public research organizations (AINIA, IATA, ITACYL, CNTA, ITAGRA and IMIDA) and other external collaborators will be part of the project.

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The CIBENA Project will act on the value chain to provide affordable superfoods in form and price. With this premise, we seek a multifactorial approach that considers all aspects of food production from the crop to its incorporation to other foods that reach the consumer.

In order to achieve the overall objective of the Project, a consortium representing the entire food production value chain has been formed in order to determine more precisely what the consumer expects and how to approach and design superfood products. Starting from millenary grains, legumes and vegetables is intended to put on the market a range of products that fall into the following categories:

  • Cereal products
  • Vegetable foods IV range
  • Prepared Dishes
  • Smoothies, juices, purees and smoothies

The project handles the sensory properties of this type of food as one of the main research actions. In particular it will be necessary to study and develop flavors, aromas, and textures that lead to a high degree of acceptance of this type of products.

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The actions of the project will be developed on 3 axis:

  • Primary production: Improvement, through action in the way of cultivating, of the ratio of components or nutrients that confers the status of superfood to the species selected in the project. Identification of techniques that obtain higher indexes and yields.
  • Primary transformation: Development of transformation processes aimed at improving nutrient ratios by incorporating superfoods.
  • Secondary transformation: Development of specific food products based on superfoods adapted to the great consumption. Formulation of improved superfoods.