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Dacsa Group launches its Humane programme

Within the strategic lines of progression of the DACSA GROUP, we have contemplated expanding our commitments increasingly through our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, through the development of the HUMANE PROGRAMME. This programme is designed to define the framework and guidelines to be followed by the group in its area of CSR. Nowadays it is essential that companies maintain our vocation for sustainability, in both operational and social aspects, and we are also responsible for environmental and economic aspects. For this reason, the Dacsa Group has launched this program that is already part of our business culture.

The HUMANE programme is a commitment to society and the environment that aims to respond to social demands by managing the impact we generate as a business group on our environment. This project helps minimize environmental impacts and contributes to our social and economic development by integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into the group’s policies and objectives. For the Dacsa Group it is essential that the CSR is part of the business strategy, in which all departments and people, that are part of the company, are involved.

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The objective of the HUMANE programme is to provide benefits to the whole society in general, as well as to the people of the Dacsa Group. We will focus on the development of the different environments in which our company operates, to integrate it into an open system and to help us improve the relationship with all our stakeholders. In this way, we encourage dialogue with suppliers and customers for the development of common work lines in the field of CSR. This exchange helps us to promote coordination and establish synergies to generate a positive effects on society. In order to achieve global objectives, it is not enough to consider only the impacts on our activity, we want to also ensure that the entire supply chain, all our suppliers and customers are aligned with our ethical and sustainability policy.

The HUMANE programme is also focused on improving the relationship with people who work in the company, to increase their satisfaction and motivation to help improve the productivity and operational efficiency of the business group. This is why it is important to have a fluid relationship with these people , as well as with the rest of the interest groups, to ensure that they are aligned with our ways of working.

We promote the HUMANE program through the CSR committee, which includes those responsible for people, safety and health, origination, environment and marketing under the coordination and supervision of the person responsible for CSR. That does not mean that nobody else can access it, it is completely the opposite, the HUMANE project is open to all people of the company, because without them this program could not exist. The Humane program is a live project and we keep it alive between us all, with our proposals, support and respect.

In Dacsa Group we know the importance that CSR management has over the whole society in which we live and for that reason we want to give it the importance it deserves, also within the group.